Friday, June 2, 2023

The Hometown Visit ~Weekend Fun ~Enjoying Two Kinds of Brews

Hubby and I spent a weekend in my ole stompin’ ground.
We had to hang around till Monday for our
appointment with the USDA Official.

This caught our attention on Main Street,
Black Paws Brewery.

It opened less than a year ago,
and they open their doors in time for lunch.

Black Paws is the first Craft Brewery in Devils Lake.
While it looks like no one else was there,  the place
was hoppin’ by the time we left.

I appreciated a unique Non-Alcoholic Beer,
brewed in Portland, Oregon.

Hubby ordered one of their in-house Brews.

The next day, we were up and out early.

My beverage preference in the morning, is a different kind of brew.
Dunn Brothers Coffee, another new establishment,
And another new favorite.

While I waited for a freshly brewed dark roast,
I walked around to admire their charming decor, I have
that same coffee pot on shelf in my kitchen at home!

I also chatted with the owner,
She married one of our HS friends and her in-laws took our wedding photos.

She was there roasting beans…
Yeah, that’s fresh.
Since I grind my own beans, she gave me cups of samples.
Two favorites of some of the local folks

Back on the road again.

This old building tugged at my heartstrings.
My mother wrote the Hometown news column for our weekly county News Publication.
Every Monday, she would take phone calls, write their stories,
and type it all up on an old manual typewriter.

Then we’d hop in the car and drive the 11 miles
to drop the latest news off here.

Don’t forget this advice from Dunn Brothers…
Today’s Plan: Drink Coffee and Be Awesome

Take care,

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