Friday, August 25, 2023

Solo Road Trip ~A Cousins Reunion ~Trinity Bible College ~Time with Family ~Priceless

It was a Cousins Reunion that was long overdue.
Decades have passed, so when I received the invitation,
I could not pass up the opportunity.

Since my accident, the farthest I’ve driven our car is to Target,
so I was quite cautious and took a couple of breaks.
All Rest Areas should look like this.

Our parents were siblings and when growing up we gathered
 often, so we spent a lot time with our cousins.
Clarice has a lovely home and it is perfect for visiting,
sharing vintage photos, and old stories.

The Cousins

Website Photo
Reservations at The Buffalo Grill was a great idea.
Our hostess could visit with her guests and
did not have to spend time in her kitchen preparing dinner.

After dinner, she served coffee and sweet treats
while we continued to reminisce about the “olden days”
The last time I saw Karen?
She was nine, I was 13.

We talked, and laughed, and cried a little, until well after midnight.
And yet, we were up early the next morning.

Clarice served a tasty Brunch before we all got on the road for home.

Trinity Bible College
Clarice suggested that I make this my stop to
get out of the vehicle and stretch.

I parked near the Student Union, then
stepped into the Chapel, as I heard music.

I met a kind student that took my photo and
She guided me on a brief tour.

We ended here, at the beautiful Prayer Center, which was made possible
through donations from Clarice and her late husband.
I was wishing I had more time to explore…
maybe next time.

Cherish time with Family.
It’s Priceless.

Take care,

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