Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Reunited ~When Friends Come Home to Visit ~Spending Time with “Old” Friends ~Priceless

While the Weekend Weather was Frightful,
Our time with Friends was Delightful.

We met at our favorite local Dive Bar, as I’m pretty sure,
that these two guys hosted each other’s Bachelor Parties there.

Yes, they go way back to their High School and College Years.
They spent a lot of time together, High School Band,
Traveling Performance Group through Church, and then this …
They started a Band of their own.

And, that very band was inducted into the
South Dakota Rock & Roll Hall of fame in 2016.

We girlfriends spent a lot of time together, too.
Going to their gigs as the Band’s Groupies.
And later, as The Wives.

Did I mention the weather?
It was not the most pleasant time to come home for a visit.
They moved to Texas about four decades ago.
I’m sure that -46° wind chill felt especially Brutal, to them.

Here’s another blast from the past.
The night before we gathered with these good friends,
visiting from Tallahasse.
They, too, had tried to forget what Winter
feels like in the Dakotas.

These husbands are also Musicians and have that special connection.
Some of you remember that we were together last May.

Thank you, Wendy, for preparing a delicious dinner for us…

…and to Chuck for being a gracious host
and most competent bartender!

However you spent your Weekend,
I hope you found something that warmed your heart
and brought you JOY.

Take care,

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