Friday, April 5, 2024

Easter 2024 ~Brunch Report ~Time Spent with Family is Priceless

An invitation to join our family for the Annual Easter Brunch
at the Club was the start of our Spring Break Travel Plans.

We hadn’t all been together for Easter
since these girls were in college.

This year, Jojo was old enough to look for eggs,
so we started early at their house.

Of course the Bunny had stopped by to leave a Basket.

We aren’t sure how a Bunny gets in the house
 with a big basket of goodies?
But it sure is fun!

We also enjoyed getting acquainted with Leticia,
who has come to live with the family.

Wait a Minute…
There are little treats and toys inside the eggs!?

The Easter Brunch was absolutely fabulous.
Breakfast Food…Lunch Food
Cold Food…Hot Food
Savory Food…Sweet Food

There was something for everyone.

After our meal we went outside to the Petting Zoo.
Goats, Bunnies, Chickens, and a Piglet so small
 it would fit in the palm of your hand.

The Easter Egg Hunt was the Grand Finale.
Big Brother Jack took on the responsibility of watching for the

Then Back to the House for the rest of the day.
The children had Quiet Time before we all enjoyed the
beautiful spring weather and a little Soccer Fun.

An Aperol Spritz was the perfect ending to a perfect day.
I hope y’all had a lovely Holiday.

Take care,

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