Thursday, April 18, 2024

Time Spent with Family ~Odds and Ends ~Sweet Memories

Perhaps my most favorite thing is spending time
visiting our adult children in their homes…
Just being a part of their everyday routine makes my heart happy.

We stayed a week with each family.
Breakfast, dishes, after school, soccer, dinner,
laundry, and bedtime.
All in a day’s work…and play.

While the parents were at work, and the grandchildren were in school,
this Papa and Gigi went out and about…
This was probably not the best day to go to the Outdoor Outlet Mall.

Sometimes we met the parents for Lunch or Happy Hour.

Sometimes we had Happy Hour at home. 

I enjoyed riding along for school pick-up…

…and especially on the day we stopped at the library.

The Reading Hut…
we all listened when Mama read those library books.

Everyone loves a little pampering at the Spa.

And we all enjoy all little TV before bed.

Who do you think is having more fun?
We are Blessed.

Take care,

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