Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Schools Out for Summer ~Special Memories

This photo popped up in my Memories this week.
It was taken on my last day of school…ever.
I taught school for 38 years, and saw over a hundred students every day.
I ended my teaching career with this group of young adults,
the last block, on the very last day.

This is Jalynn. She was one of my very first students.
I was so honored that she came to the District Retirement Party.

Here’s the view of the hallway from
my classroom door on that last morning.

I always got to school early for final preparations
before the students arrived.

Who remembers these old lesson plan books.
There was a piece of carbon paper placed between the pages.
Two copies, one to turn into the office, one to refer to every day,
several times a day.

google image 
I have enjoyed all the graduation photos on my Newsfeed this week,
from preschool to college.

Our oldest grandson is finishing his school year, too.
We are so proud of him for earning the Whale Award,
“For your Big Heart that’s evident in everything you do”

I could not have ended that last year with a better group of students.
Their big hearts were on display everyday in my classroom.

Congratulations to all the Graduates,
To all the Teachers that Retired, 
And to everyone who made it through another school year.

Take care,

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