Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday Funday ~Spring Cleaning ~May Day ~Mother’s Day ~Much to Catch Up On

What a difference a year makes…This was me last year.
I had “graduated” from Physical Therapy, I could drive again, 
and was going on my first solo outing, to the Supermarket.
Remember all the snow we had last winter?

Spring Cleaning
We have made good progress.
A rainy day project, Hubby polished the outside
of the kitchen cabinets with Lemon Oil,
while I had everything out to wipe off  the shelves on the inside.

And since then, I have done the same to the bathroom vanity cabinets.

Of course, cleaning is not the same without our helper cat.

Dinner Preparations
I love how in the Summer we move from preparing dinner
in the Oven, out to the Grill.
Hubby has mastered the Art of the Spatchcock Chicken.

When Hubby is out on the Patio, at the Grill,
I prepare the sides. Typically a salad…

…and this time, it was a Gnocchi dish.

May Day
The young boys that live next door continue
to surprise us every year with a May Day Treat.

Mother’s Day 
My highlight of the day, after a FaceTime chat with family,
 was ice cream for lunch at Twist Cone.
The Turtle Sundae is one of my favorite sweet treats.

It is Kitten Season at the Humane Society.
We have visited a couple times.

Not sure if we’re ready to adopt.
And to be honest, we’re hoping that
someone adopts us when we are there!

I think Lizzie would approve.
After all, a cat makes a house a home.

Take care,

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