Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Family Visit ~A Fast and Fun Forty-Eight Hours ~Day Two Report ~Storybook Land ~Four Generation Photo

The Grandsons were up bright and early.
But remember, their little bodies are set to the Eastern Time Zone.
We were treated to a concert, in pajamas, featuring 
Big Brother on Keyboard
Little Brother on Percussion

Yes, we went to Storybook Land again.
We packed a picnic lunch.
The boys are the perfect age to appreciate the nursery rhymes,
 the Land of Oz, and are big enough to go on the rides.

Papa and Leticia were along and we took advantage of every Photo Opp.

Three Generation Photo under the Rainbow

Papa and Gigi on the Ponies

Another ride on the Carousel,
and this time on a horse that goes up and down.

The spinning teacups were controlled by big brother…
Little brother just giggled.

The two of them rode the little train together.
This day they were the engineers.

We saved enough ticket punches
so we could all ride the Storybook Land Express.

It’s the little things that make me smile.

We all ♥️ Story Book Land

Great Grandma and Aunt Stacy came over for dinner.
We took the annual Four Generation Photo.
The first one with nice smiles.

And one with Silly Faces.
I think both are suitable for framing.

Dessert was served at Twist Cone.

Goodnight Papa, Goodnight Gigi.
Goodnight Gracie, Goodnight Mazzie.

Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air,
Goodnight Noises Everywhere.
-Goodnight Moon-

Take care,

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