Monday, June 17, 2024

Where the Weekend Went ~Arts in the Park ~Then we did a Dirty Job ~With no Help from our Furry Friends

It was a good weekend to go out and about.

Every year we like to spend a few hours at Arts in Park,
our local Summer Arts Festival.

Of course, we always stop to see Meredith in her booth,
1918 Dirt Road Decor

We snacked on Corn Dogs,
Freshly dipped in batter and fried on the spot.
I hadn’t eaten a corn dog for decades.
It was delicious.

Speaking of decades…
We have had an off-site storage shed for about 20 years…
A place to keep the snowblower in the summer,
and the lawn mower in the winter.

Ugh, every time we brought something out there,
everything just got pushed farther to the back.

A scooter, 5 bicycles, 2 drum kits, our vendor fair display stands,
 2 Christmas Treesa patio table, dance recital costumes,
a rocking chair, my wedding dress, a bird cage,
and several mystery boxes.

Yes, it was overwhelming, but we got it..all..cleaned..out!

Here’s a peek at our nice new space.
It will be for only the essentials…like the wood for Hubby’s 
Woodturning Hobby.

Meanwhile, at home…

Take care,

1 comment:

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Natalie,
I've been absent for quite some it's nice to catch up.
Art in the park is always a fun time, we have one coming up soon here.
Oh your storage shed is so neat - we just rented a 12 x 40 when we moved. It's about 2/3 full. When we make our final move it will get cleaned out some and then the rest will be sold!!! Then maybe it will look like your final picture :)

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