Friday, June 21, 2024

Celebrating our Youngest Grandchild ~This Little Princess is now Two

This little girl had family and friends around her
to celebrate her special day.

After swimming, a little naptime, and a nice dinner,
she opened her presents, which she affectionately called
“Her Prizes”

Even at five days old,
she displayed her spirited personality.

And on her first Birthday,
She finds JOY in the little things.

It seems like she was just learning to walk,
And now she runs, climbs, swims,
and rides her Toddler Bike.

A June Birthday is pretty Sweet.
She and I were almost Birthday Buddies.

Here’s her first day of Preschool,
where she learns her ABCs and 123s.
Of course, their colors, all about animals and bugs,
and how to speak Spanish.

She now has a best friend in a gentle furry friend named Moose.

She is quite the conversationalist on FaceTime.
“Hi, Gigi. Where’s Papa?”

Here, she’s showing me the books she got at the Library…
which she calls “Lottabooks”

She loves pushing the buttons on Mama’s phone,
taking multiple photos of me.
So I return the “favor” and take photos of her.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for FaceTime
 as all our Grandchildren live far away.

Happy Birthday, little Sweet Pea.
We love watching you grow, and get smarter every day.

Take care,

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