Sunday, September 21, 2008

Then...and Now...

My Personal Development Class…on Thursday, we were discussing High School…and the students asked me if I drank in High School…when I said ‘no’, one Senior boy was quick to say, ‘Liar”…one of my Freshmen girls wondered if I regretted it…cause she said that I didn’t have any fun…I’ve spent a lot of time since…thinking about how my high school experience was so different, just 35 years ago…
Then…we had only one phone in the house, and it was a party line. That means, all the farms south of town shared the same telephone line. Each family had a different ring pattern. Ours was two longs. The neighbors had two shorts and a long, etc. And if you wanted to call someone, you had to pick up the receiver and listen to see if someone else was talking…and you only called someone when it was quite important.

Now…I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t have a phone on them at all times…I wouldn’t buy a purse anymore that doesn’t have a cell phone pouch! Well, High School kids are connected 24/7. “Whaz Up?”... "Whatcha doin?"... “Where you at?”... “Who’s there?”... They can all be together in a snap!

Then…I rode the school bus through my Junior year of High School; during my senior year, my parents got a new car and I got to drive the old car into town…to go to my activities and events.
Now…a lot of HS kids have their own car…if their parents don’t buy them one, they get a job and buy it for themselves.

Then…My parents gave me money when I needed it for something specific. I worked on the farm, driving the tractor, hauling grain, making meals, mowing the yard, cleaning the house…no set salary or wage…just part of being a family.
Now…Teenagers are a big part of the work force…fast food restaurants…retail stores…day care centers…fitness centers…nursing homes…they earn their own money and have it to spend on anything they need or want!

I'm not saying it was better...or worse... it's just different. Today, most teenagers are still growing up with solid family values and a strong work ethic. I love teaching High School age students!

"Find a job you like, and you won't have to work a day in your life!"


Kari said...

Interesting read, thanks!

Debra said...

Great post!! It has changed...alot. Sometimes I think it was so much more simple back then.

GinGin said...

Wow, isn't it amazing that they think you cannot have fun without drinking!!! Man times have changed. I remember when my husband and I first heard of cell phones. Some of our friend were going to be selling them in their shop and my husband said, Ha, a phone in your car. They were real expensive then and we weren't able to get one right off, like a lot of things. Anyway, we finally did get a phone and it seems like we have relied on it ever since. What would we do without cell phones. I love the picture of the old black rotary dial. Kenny's dad worked for a phone company and he got to keep old discarded phones, we had one of those and I just don't know where it is right now. I also remember party lines. In fact, where we live now the house phone line was so old and bad, that at certain times I could hear the older neighbor ladies talking to each other about us. Isn't that crazy.

Kindra said...

Times sure have changed!! Fun post!

Sorry it wasn't me that shared the breakfast recipe you were asking about. But it sounds good. Hope you find it and share with us!

MySweetThree said...

What a difference, huh? Absolutely amazing. The things we all take for granted makes you think. Great post!

Suzanne said...

Loved taking a step back in time. I grew up in California -- in the Bay Area -- so things were a little different there, but the "feeling" was similar. Good times!