Friday, November 21, 2008

Volleyball State AA Championships

Our volleyball girls are at the State Tournament this weekend. They lost only 2 games all year...No, I'm not there...I copied the pics from the State HS Activities Association site. Here the girls must be listening to the starting line up for the opposing team, which would explain the serious looks on their faces! I have had all but 3 of them in class. They are all darling girls. See the player that is the 4th from the right? She is pretty
special to us. Her dad and my DH have been friends since college and we continue to be good family friends. In fact, we are honored to be her Godparents.
She is a Junior and she starts on varsity.
Looks like she (#18) got in a good block yesterday...

Well, they won yesterday, in 4 games...they play again tonight. Wish we could be there...but we'll be, again, watching the webcam and cheering from home. Good luck, girls...and #18...we're so proud of you!!

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the pictures and the history. So great. I LOVE volleyball too. Both my girls play. It is a great sport.