Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What'cha Workin' On This Wednesday?

If there is such a thing as Adult ADD, I probably have it. I always have several, and I do mean, several, craft projects started at one time. There are certain advantages to this strategy:

1. While paint is drying, you can always be stitching or stuffing something else.

2. If you have your machine threaded with black thread, you can stitch everyone's boots and hats at once.

3. If going on a long car trip, you can have several portable projects to work on while traveling.

These Wild Santas are all finished, except for their black belts.

These snowmen and angels are done, but need to be priced and packed into their crates.

This batch of mini Annies are finished, except they need loops on their backs for hanging.

These are the tins that I primed last week. They need their fabric appliques and handles.

These arms and legs are now stuffed and need to be stitched to the bodies that are ready and waiting.

Every November I promise myself that the next year I will finish one project before I start, what fun would that be??


M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean!! The floor of my sewing room is covered with projects...all in different stages of "doneness." I love looking at all your crafts!

Thanks for the sewing machine thoughts :) I do have my old machine but it does not embroider...and that is what I need right now...hopefull I wil have it soon!


Lol! You're making good progress. I have millions of things I need to finish, I must focus, I must focus!! :0)

Suzanne said...

Adult ADD has served you well! I can't wait to see these finished... All of them are adorable!

Kim said...

If you have ADD, we all do, lol, love you winter crafts!