Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day...

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day.
This is National Teacher Appreciation Week.
I, along with the other teachers in our school, received this message in our email today.
I want to share it with other teachers...everywhere.

Don't forget to thank your child's teacher!


Suzanne said...

This was always a day to look forward to in our family when our kids were growing up. We would work on appreciation gifts the week before and the kids always looked forward to presenting something special they had helped create for their teacher. Many parents realize this day is as much for the children as it is for the teacher. It's an opportunity to teach your children to show gratitude for the important people in their lives.

This last year I've seen many posts of yours describe school activities or lesson plans. Your students are so fortunate to have you as a teacher! Have a wonderful day!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your students are truly blessed to have such a wonderful teacher. I'm sure they know it too! Have a wonderful day.

Lorraine said...

We had a big Cinco De Mayo luncheon for the teachers and staff at my son's school today..we wanted to let them know how much we appreciate them! Thank you, teachers! :o)

Patchwork Penguin said...

Thank you for your well wishes and for all you do. Our principal is providing lunch for us tomorrow.

Have a great day!