Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whatcha Working On Wednesday?

I have spent the majority of my summer cleaning...
cleaning two classrooms at school,
cleaning and helping Emily move (this was enjoyable),
cleaning the room Line left behind,
cleaning and helping mom move to the assisted living facility,
cleaning our own home...
Callie and I decided to take a break and create some dollies.
I've actually been working on these for weeks...
almost as long as a pregnancy.
After the body parts were sewn together,
they had a bath in vanilla cinnamon coffee,
and then, hung out to dry.
Now, stuffed, I can hand stitch them on our next car trip.
Their little dresses are done,
Hair, makeup and accessories are next.

They are almost ready to go up for adoption.

School Update
The Master Schedule is not complete.
There is not much I can do until I know which classes I teach First Term.
So I was going to take my mail to my classroom, but...
this sign was on the door.

Wet Wax
Keep Out

Well, hey...I can just come back another day...

I'd rather be sewing dollies, anyway.

Take care,


Nancy said...

Your dollies are really cute! I think they will be adopted out very quickly. It's hard to believe school will be starting soon. The summer has gone by so fast!


Carol said...

You have been a busy lady! Your dollies are looking good. Can't wait to see them all dressed up!


Chatty Crone said...

Looks like you have had an extremely busy summer and your going to have a pretty busy school year too. Good luck. Like your dolls.


Kathy said...

Oh those look like they are going to be just awesome. The pictures are great.

I am working on baby shower things for Saturday....then I will be cleaning my shopping and getting to work on a variety of new creations for fourdogday! :)

TheRustyThimble said...

Hello Natalie I have tried to email? I wanted to see if you got your giveaway I shipped. You have had a busy summer. Lots of cute dolls.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Those dollies hanging on the line look like melted snowbabies. Can you tell the heat is getting to me?

Please post pictures of the dollies when they're completed. I'm sure they're going to be the cutest dollies in blogland.

Jody @ Adorable Country Classics said...

Looks like someones been busy! I worked on painting a primitive bread box today for a customer in PA.

marie said...

Love the dollies ~ they're so cute!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Believe it or is the first day of school here....!!!
Love the dollls....


the southern hostess said...

Adorable! Great blog, by the way.

Together We Save said...

Good luck with the start of school!! My girls have started back but are getting out at 12 today due to the extreme heat.

wishful nals said...

these dolls are so cute!

Angie Berry said...

Cute, cute dollies! I loved seeing them in the different stages.

I don't blame you at all... sewing dollies sounds like much more fun than being at school!