Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Review, a Halloween Celebration, and Where's Callie?

Today is the Grand Opening of the Old Farmhouse Gathering
Halloween Celebration on Etsy.
Our team has been busy stitching, stuffing, sanding and painting to create over 100 new items to feature in our shops today. 
Check out all the talent and variety by clicking here.
Friday Night Lights.
It was our first home football game...and it was a beautiful night for a win!
Last year, Line was here.
Line didn't like football.  In fact, Line hated football.
When we took her to college games, she played games on her Blackberry or read a book.
And how did we know? 
Well, over 19,000 fans wearing Green and Gold...
Line was wearing purple!
We decided not to buy any more tickets and make her go to any more games!!

Since we have an extra day this weekend, I am taking inventory of my creations.
These are the Tins that were the inspiration for our shop's name.
Santas and snowmen...
Scarecrows, Pumpkins, and Turkeys...
Can you find my faithful helper?
Oh yes, there she is!

So we've invited 4 other couples over for later this afternoon.
Our plan is to grill pizzas.
This is the forcast...100% chance of rain...
...and the weatherman just used the words...
"Soaking Rain" and possible wind gusts up to 40 mph.

I think I'll be changing the menu.

Take care,


dee begg said...


Love your helper. Sorry your Labor Day festivities may be a wash out. It's beautiful here in MD...cooler and sunny.


Julie Marie said...

Your crafts are all just adorable! Going to check out your shop right now... xoxo Julie Marie

Barb said...

Wonderful work!! I just love your tins! Enjoy(?) your Labor Day!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Have a wonderful Labor Day celebration - rain or no rain.

You are just too talented!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I do hope you have better weather than predicted. We have had rain all day....people coming over in a few hours too.
I do love seeing numbers that are not starting with NINE in your temps.
I found Callie..she is so cute!
Take care, Suz

jodi said...

Beautiful craft items!
I wish that it would rain here.

Pam said...

It took me forever to find her! She is a camoflauged kitty! Please send some of your rain my way, we haven't had rain in weeks and weeks and weeks.

Tracey Axnick said...

Hi Natalie... noticed that you've come by my blog and wanted to say "hi" and come visit your blog! I LOVED the photo of the football stadium on Friday night... there is NOTHING like a chilly Friday night football game, is there?! LOVE IT!

I know Fall has already come to your part of the world.... my brother (who lives in Minneapolis) posted from the MN State Fair that it was already quite chilly. I am READY for those Fall temps to head down this way... we're still in the 90's, darn it!

Romeo said...

Callie! You look mostest beautiful while you assist your Mom!!! Of course you always look beautiful don't mew?!?