Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What'cha Working on Wednesday...and Just An Old Fashioned...

Back to school this week...the beginning of a new term, with new classes and new students.
However, the grades for first semester are. due. tomorrow.

It seems that every time Lucy and I are correcting and calculating grades,
my old-fashioned red gradebook makes the picture...
(google image)
...and I usually get one...or maybe three comments about how I am still using one.

You must let me explain...
We are not that backwards in South Dakota,
(despite the fact that we are 51st in the nation for teacher pay).

I do still use my red grade book
  • to take attendance when we attend an assembly in the arena or a class meeting in the theatre.
  • to record scores when I correct papers while traveling in the car.
  • to organize the students scores by section, in alphabetical order, to make it easier and faster to enter them into my electronic gradebook.
Would you like to see what else we are using?

This is how we take attendance.
(See the P=present; A=absent; T=tardy)

This is how teachers enter assignments into the Lesson Planner.

This screen shows how we enter the scores for each student, for each assignment.
I cropped out their names for confidentiality reasons, and to preserve their dignity.
Do you notice that not everyone is passing our "Fitness for Life" class.

I mean...seriously??
This could be a serious problem for them someday.

Teachers and parents have access to their student's records here on this screen.
Pretty nice, right?

Anyway...a teacher's work is never done.
One just needs to decide when to stop!

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening.
Take care,


Cathryn said...

I'm setting up all my gradebooks for the new semester as well. Luckily for me grades were turned in before Winter Break! But I use a paper grade book as well as an electronic one. I learned when the computer hard drive crashes, it's best to have another source!

M said...

I take roll the same and that's about recording of grades in kindergarten...just assessments...the kids were happy before my laptop worked because they got to walk the roll to the office...the "old fashioned way."

Stay warm! It was 37 degrees when I rode my bike to work this morning...forgot where I put my finger gloves and thought I would get frost bite! Thank goodness for red lights so I could warm my fingers under my jacket!

Happy Wednesday!

Carol said...

Oh boy, computerized grading. How about that. I remember the books and progress reports sent home:)

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

You are busy as usual! I hope you got everything done :0)

Wishing you a great day!

jodi said...

A 44%?!! You must be a tough teacher :-). Have a good Friday.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hubby just went back to work today after having 3 weeks off and the kids returned this past's hard getting back into the grind...the semester closes in 3 weeks for us.


Angie Berry said...

I LOVE the online grade book. I get on it and can check everything... down to what they owe for lunch and what line they went through at the cafeteria. I said to my son one day "How come you ate from the pizza line instead of the regular lunch line?". His face was priceless! He said "How on earth did you know that??" He couldn't believe I found that out through the website. I don't know how the teachers like the online gradebook, but I absolutely love it!