Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sewing for Spring

While the snow is piled higher that my classroom window,
and I can no longer see the patio furniture on my deck,
I am in the mood to sew for spring.

The teal and lime green colors in this print chiffon crepe make me smile.

I love to wear scarves...
and whoever created the infinity scarf is a genius.
It is sewn as a loop...and mine has a twist.

It can be wrapped two or three times around your neck,
depending on your mood of the day.
The best part?

No long tails to dangle in your work or play.

No Sewing Machine?
I will be listing my "Spring Collection" in early March.

Take care,

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Willoughby said...

So pretty! I just love your infinity scarves!

We're expecting some rain over the next few days. It will probably cause some flooding, but at least the pesky snow will begin to melt. I hope yours melts soon, too!

dee begg said...


That's it...think spring Nat, and maybe all your snow will just melt away. Very pretty colors in your new scarf.

All our snow is gone and we are back to waiting for spring.


Brenda said...

So sorry to hear that you have had to deal with all that snow Natalie! We had that big melt going on while you were getting your snow and then we ended up getting about an inch yesterday and today most of that melted so we are sitting pretty good for now. I love these scarfs but just haven't gotten one yet. Not sure how it would look on me with my triple! Yours are really neat though!


Pam said...

It's so cute! I am ready for spring too. I went and bought some cute fabric for a summery skirt. Maybe our sewing will make it happen!

imaginationlane said...

Oh this is lovely, clever you are! Definitely a great project for when you're snowed in.

I'm just delighted you stopped by to visit. Various factors have kept me from active blogging over the last while, but it feels wonderful to be back and chat with old friends. I promise I will stop by again soon...:)


Oklahoma Granny said...

Lovely and versatile!