Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Weekend...Where the Week Went...and an Online Rummage Sale

it's a brilliant idea!

I joined the group on facebook a few weeks ago, and I would stop in now and then to see how things operate...
you know...get to know the rules...

This week I thought I'd try listing a few things...
The above jacket and scarf sold within 15 minutes.
This jacket and scarf is still available...
(if you are interested, let me know and I will provide details)

There are currently 2,764 members that buy and sell.
There are photo albums for clothing, electronics, antiques & collectables, cars, baby clothing &equipment, accessories, pets, etc. 
Yes, there is something for everyone!

In just four days, I have sold
4 winter coats
5 sweatshirt/fleece hoodies
4 pair of Abercrombie jeans

And the best part?
Finding someone that can wear our gently used items... 
plus, I'm making room in our closets!

Besides the usual business at school,
I am sticking close to home, as we are preparing for our annual Winterfest...
just two weeks away.

My weekend is full of sewing, stuffing, crocheting and hot gluing...
...and of course, listening to college football!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Take care,


Pam said...

Happy Weekend!! I love making room in my closet for more stuff!!

M said...

Very cool! I use craigslist all the time...both for buying and selling!
Happy Saturday :)

Nancy said...

What a neat way to clean out your closets. I'd seriously take the blue jacket if I thought it would fit. Mossimo brand from Target seems to run small on me. Cute, tho!