Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday Mania ~ Too Many Irons in the Fire...

That's what my mom would say...
"I have too many irons in the fire."
With Winterfest set-up just 10 days away, I need to put finishing touches on the many project that I have started. Can you see beyond the counter to the assortment of projects on my table...just waiting for embellishment.
Santa Pillows...Santa Dolls...
I don't think these Santas will reach the finish line.

These have been a popular item in my Etsy Shop.

Since I am sticking close to home,
I have been listing a couple of things each day in the On-line rummage sale.
Since some things move pretty fast, and I can't always trust my memory,
I attach a sticky note with the buyers name, the agreed price, and what time they will pick up.

These three juniors tops are still available.
If you are interested, contact me for details.
(I am willing to ship)

My Monday began with my vehicle not starting.
It needed a new battery.
Simply, an inconveneince for hubby and me.

Today is better already!
Have a terrific Tuesday.

Take care,


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Id say you have too many irons in the fire! You amaze me :D Those tops are really cute. What size are they?

M said...

Oh my...that's why I didn't do the annual craft faire here...I would have had one too many irons in the fire!

Love the crafts! Love that pink top too...but it wouldn't fit my huge shoulders :)

Happy Tuesday!

jodi said...

Beautiful things