Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where the Week Went & Saturday's Work

 During the summer, the weeks just seem to fly by...
Here is a quick review of our second week of summer break.
A visit from Line prompted a family dinner...
and I'm so glad Line got to meet Nellie!

Nellie's friends were performing in the 
Living Arts Studio Dance Recital.

I was happy to go with Nellie,
as you all remember how much I love dance
and Miss Vicki.

And of course our anniversary...
A special delivery from Stacy made my day!

Dinner out with Nellie completed our celebration.

Saturday's Work

So much to little time...
Painting the exterior of our home is a project long overdue.
Hubby has been working nights and weekends...

Friday night was a perfect evening to work outside,
however, this was Saturday's forecast.

The rain brought us inside...a chance to work on my kitchen cleaning.
Do you see the little sticky notes?
Those are the cupboards that are completed!
Yay...more than half done!!

(My hubby teases me for the sticky notes... 
"You mean, you can't remember which ones you've done?!"
But since I'm cleaning the insides of the cupboards,
I like to see my progress!

And then, when I polish the outsides of the cupboard doors,
I take the sticky notes down!
Makes perfect sense, right?)

I'm sad to announce that our Miss Nellie will be 
returning to her home in Denmark on Tuesday.
Our nest will be empty and quiet again...

but, I can only imagine how excited her family 
will be to greet her in Copenhagen.

Take care,


M said...

Summer?! I have one more week...but I start counting on June 21...looks like you are having some good weather too! Enjoy!!

I always forget our anniversaries on at the same time. Happy Belated :)

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Happy anniversary Natalie! And your sticky notes make perfect sense to me, I am going to steal your idea ;O) Sad to hear that Nellie will be leaving you soon but her family will so very happy to have her home. It's wonderful that she got to spend so much time with you. Deb