Sunday, October 27, 2013

Where the Weekend Went & Saturday's Work

Our Sunday Night Supper is nearly ready to serve...
I can't believe the weekend is nearly over!

(I just love the aroma of a pot roast in the oven.)

Physical Therapy started this week.
While this equipement looks impressive, I have been assigned some very simple exercises...
and my right hand still seems quite useless!

We have three new restaurants in town and Hubby and I were invited to the "soft opening" here.
We tried these Buffalo Chicken Nachos...
that's waffle fries, chicken, wing sauce and celery.

Saturday's Work
While my right wrist is limited to lifting the weight of a pencil,
my left hand is getting stronger and more coordinated.
I never thought I'd be so happy to dust and to unload the dishwasher...
the first household chores I have done in four weeks!

With our work done in the a.m.
Our afternoon was free to watch some college football.
The NDSU Bison won, 56 to 10.

For the second straight week, hubby has picked up branches and leaves from our yard,
filled the pickup, and taken them out to the landfill.
This is a view of our beautiful autumn weather from our front door.

I hope your weekend was productive,
yet, you found some time to relax
and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Take care,

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