Sunday, November 10, 2013

Where the Week Went...and Saturday's Work was not really work...

Another week has passed...
With physical therapy, my wrists are getting 
a little stronger and more flexible.

My friend and our School Resourse Officer came into my classes to talk about his role at Central and School Safety.  He conducted a mock traffic stop and some field sobriety tests with volunteer students.

Our school is also very fortunate to have a Prevention Specialist on staff to work with students and high risk behaviors. Here we are trying some simple tasks while wearing the Vision Impairment Goggles.

Saturday's Work
This Saturday, my work at home was put on hold,
as I had the opportunity to represent Electrolux and demonstrate the use of their cooktops and Lang's Audio, TV & Appliance Store.

The store is beautiful and they have a fabulous demonstration kitchen.

The weekend promotion featured complementary beverages and treats for the customers...
and you can see my demonstration set up on the other side of the island.

I prepared three recipes throughout the day...
Lemon Ricotta Mini Pancakes,
Sweet and Spiced Pecans, and
Angel Hair Pasta with Cherry Tomato, Garlic, Basil & Procuitto Relish

Here's a sample of the Mini Pancakes with fresh Raspberries.
You will notice there is no oil in the batter...
plus the ricotta cheese provides 7 g. of protein per serving!

Let me know if you try the recipe.
Take care,


M said...

Wow the food looks amazing! You must have had a great time cooking!
Happy Monday Holiday :)

Firecracker Kid said...

Wow, how nice for the kids to get to experience this profession. My daughter is a police officer and was able to experience the drunk goggles.
Wow again for you getting to be a demonstrator. Do you have one of those stoves? We had to buy a new stove and I'm still trying to figure it out. It's over this old gal's head... lol.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I wish we would of had that in school ~ how cool for them to experience it.
Kudos to you ~ that must of been fun cooking up all that yummy food!