Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to Nellie

Today is Nellie's Birthday.
I hope she is having a wonderful day.
It is her18th...which I understand that 
is a 'big deal' with European teenagers.

One year ago, Nellie was celebrating with us.

We had been planning to host a party with all of her American friends,
but she was adamant...
No Birthday Party.

Apparently, Hubby and I were embarrasing.

I guess that means we did our host parents' job right?
The American teenager is often embarrased by their parents...

But, we couldn't just ignore her birthday.
My friend, Karren had offered to bake and decorate her cupcakes.

So, we went ahead with just a little party for three..

Nellie's favorite meal,
(I hope she's getting some this year)

The delicous cupcakes.

And here is our gift for her...

This SAK purse screamed Nellie's name
when I saw it in the store.

I can't wait to hear how she celebrated this year!

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Firecracker Kid said...

Happy birthday to Nellie! Of course you did a good job with her. She'll carry you with her forever.