Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another School Year Comes to a Close & a Message to my Super Sophomore Super Study

Yesterday, I turned out the lights in my very empty classroom.
My 36th year of teaching is now in the books...
(just need to post final grades by 5/27
and submit our department's budget by 6/1)

We finally got nearly everyone in our Super Study together for a photo.
Next to impossible, as students are absent for club meetings, math tutoring, doctor's appointments, and extra-curricular activities.

Here they are in August of 2012, their Freshman Year.
I recently read a student quote in a school yearbook...
"What will you miss most about high school?"  
I will miss super is the one time during the day when you can chill for 25 minutes,
and everyone from all the other groups and cliques just get along.

Google image
Does this remind you of anybody else?

So, this last week we took care of business...
finishing final projects and studying for end-of-course exams.

But we also spent some time celebrating with sweet treats,
taking photos, and sharing hugs and high fives.

Have a great summer, everyone.
Make good choices...Stay safe...

Take care,

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Kit said...

Congrats on another year! Enjoy your summer. Kit