Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Teacher's Work is Never Done and Reflecting on my Health Report

It's Week Two of our Summer Break here.
Only a few tasks remain on my list to finish up the year.
The school can be an eerie place at night, don't you agree?!

The weekend brought us much needed rain on Saturday...

...and beautiful sunshine on Sunday!

I am also taking care of the necessary annual doctors' appointments.

How convenient to have an espresso station in the lobby,
right across from the lab. 
It's a much needed fix after fasting blood work!

Test results can now be viewed on-line.
My PA was concerned as some of my numbers were too high,
and others were too low.

I didn't take this news very well.
I was expecting to have a better report.

For 10 months, I have worked hard to lose weight,
exercise more, and eat smaller portions.
I'm the one that orders a side of steamed vegetables for my dinner when we go out to eat.

I often quote my favorite college nutrition teacher, Dr. Susan Crockett,
"You can't choose your ancestors."

So, I have done much thinking in the last few days...
I guess, if I didn't try to live a health lifestyle,
my numbers would probably be off the charts??

keep up with your exercise routine,
think about what, and how much you are eating,
Reduce the risk of those debilitating heath issues that run in your family.

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Take care,


Happy Valley Primitives said...

Hi Natalie! We're facing the same types of issues with some recent health issues for my hubby and me. Time to change those bad habits (and he's doing better than I am so far)! BTW, you look great! Hope you enjoy your summer!


Suzanne said...

You look beautiful, healthy and strong! I think we're getting to the age that test results become more of an issue. However, the fact that you've changed eating habits and diet means you're doing it up right! Congratulations for making those changes. You've inspired me.

M said...

2 weeks out of school??!! That should work wonders for your health!!

We have until the 25th of this month because we did not start until Sept 11...so I shouldn't complain as I had a very long summer last year.

Keep eating well...you look awesome!

Karen Martinsen said...

Such a pretty lady!
I too have a difficult time with the 'numbers' and my last yearly said I was high on my Glucose so, lay off the sugars!! Although every other number was great.
Have a wonderful summer break

Pam said...

I'm going for my fasting physical in a couple of weeks. I expect it will probably be similar to yours. But like you, I figure eating right and exercise at least keeps it from being crazy!