Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sorting through my Photos...Looking for the Blog-Worthy...It's Time to Catch Up!

Goodness, it has been nearly two weeks since my last post...
and it's not like we have nothing going on here.
But it does seem pretty routine...maybe dull?
Lucy has helped me unpack my boxes of fall/winter clothes
and store away my spring/summer wardrobe.

One more year of Homecoming is in the books.
My Super Study Students are Juniors!
Can you see them growing up, right before your eyes?!

Thursday was Beachwear Day. 
This was a challenge to find beachwear
that is still "school appropriate".
(Girls, do you remember this dress?I purchased it in Waikiki to wear to the Luau??)

Some students are just so creative!

Western Wednesday was a whole lot easier for us South Dakotans...
need I say more?!


My Super Heros.

"Murica" Monday.

All this fun just wears me out!

This week, things at school are back to normal.
And there are only five days till the end of 1st term.
It's time for students to finish final projects
and study for end of course exams.

And then the correcting begins.
Take care,

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Kit said...

Oh I love spirit week! I got a kick out if the kid dressed like superman. He took on the iconic pose. :) Kit