Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday Mania~Where the Weekend Went~and Friends for Forty Years

We enjoyed another great weekend 
cheering on the Bison.

Here's another look at these sweet young ladies.
Of course, the teacher in me asked about their classes.
They assured me that things were going well.
They were excellent students in high school, so I expected nothing less.

Watching football in the Dome is an awesome experience...

After the game, we met Cathy for a quick bite to eat before heading home.
First thing she said to me,  "Can you believe we've been friends for 40 years?"

"No, kidding...we're only 40 years old, right?!"

I am so happy we've stayed in touch.  
Cathy is a special woman and I cherish our friendship.

Now, back to the reality of the work week.
It is the end of first term...today.
End of course exams, final projects, checking in books.
New term starts...tomorrow.
New courses, new students, checking out books.
I'm glad this craziness happens only twice during the school year!

Take care,

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