Thursday, November 13, 2014

Things in My House Thursday ~ Those Little Things that Make Me Smile

Many of you know that 
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Plus, many of you also know that
we had a winter storm here in the Dakotas,
so we have snow on the ground!

I love Thanksgiving because it is all about being together with family,
giving thanks for our blessings, and enjoying really good food.

Thanksgiving decorations are often overlooked,
and are much less commercialized.
We go from Halloween displays in the retail stores...
right to Christmas.

I have several items that I have received in blog swaps.

And, several items that I have created myself...

or that hubby has created out in his woodshop.

Isn't this the sweetest little pumpkin pitcher 
with my daddy's vintage fishing reel?

The wooden basket is a gift from Line's family in Norway.
It has a special spot on our piano in our living room.

And of course, the prim pumpkin is here with
my precious picture of my Grandmother Hilda and her sisters.

For me, it's all about Thanksgiving. 
You won't see Christmas decor here until the day after 
Black Friday.

Celebrate family.
Give thanks for all your blessings in life.

Take care,

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