Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lefse Making ~This Family Christmas Tradition Lives on with the Next Generation.

Meet the new generation of Lefse Chefs.
This Norwegian delicacy is strongly embedded in our family traditions.

We always use the recipe that my 
mother got from her dear friend, Audrey.
Here it is, with my mother's notations.

It takes someone with strong wrists 
and hands to rice the potatoes.

The potatoes must be riced, not mashed...
this is mandatory.

Next, melted butter, cream, salt and sugar.

Gently fold this into the riced potatoes.
Then, chill the mixture for a couple of hours...

The chilled mixture is shaped into small patties,
a task that the girls were able 
to do with Grammy when they were little girls.

This photo was taken a few years ago,
the last Christmas my mom was here with us.
She would supervise my rolling and the girls turning.

When she could no longer travel to be with us,
my hubby became the expert duster.

Wearing an apron is important...
as you can see, there is flour everywhere!

This Christmas is special, indeed.
And the lefse making event was no exception.
Everyone took their turn at rolling, turning, and dusting.

I think this is one of my favorite photos.
Grammy would be so proud of you girls,
and the fine young gentlemen that you brought to our family.

I loved watching these four take over.

The fine art of making lefse will continue in our family...
The taste of homemade lefse will 
always be a part of this family's Christmas.

Take care,

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Pam Greer said...

What a wonderful tradition!