Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Saturday's Work" ~Our Bathroom Remodel DIY Project ~~The "Before" Pictures (plus a quick sneak peek of the finish)

"What do you think our humans are up to now?"

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I used to talk to my mom on the phone every weekend.
She would always say,
"I suppose you are doing Saturday's Work today."

I could never exactly decide what "Saturday's Work" was.
Sometimes it was watching our girls swim or run...
And that was not really "work"!

Well, our Saturday's work for the last three Saturdays has been our bathroom remodel project.
It started one day when I said the fan in the bathroom has a terrible rattle.
That was all it took...hubby ripped it down and threw it in the garbage.
(Before I could even take a "before" photo!)

Then we took a hard look around the room.
We moved to this house when Amy was in 6th grade,
Emily in the 2nd.  In those 18 years here, we have redecorated all the other rooms in our home, except our bedroom and our bathroom.

It's seriously, I mean seriously, outdated.

This was going to be a quick weekend project with a little paint,
a counter remnant, and some new floor tile.

I can already hear some of you laughing...there's no such thing as a quick DIY remodeling project, is there?!
That shower fan/light fixture had a dozen electrical wires,
No sooner than it was unhooked, we had no lights in the bathroom and upstairs bedrooms.
This required a professional electrician.

The counter came off...but we were planning to use the original sink because it matched the stool and shower surround.

I guess not...

So it was back to Menards for some comparison sink shopping.

Then there's that counter top remnant.
"I can't believe that they did this... embarassing."

The first piece we brought home was too short.
So we picked out another one that we liked even better.
Plenty long. 
When we got home, hubby cut a couple of inches off the end before bringing it in the house.  

You guessed it.
We didn't even check.
We got one that was for a kitchen counter,
so it was too deep for the bathroom vanity...
6 inches too deep.

Since it had been cut off on the end we couldn't return it, so we cut 6 inches off the back, removing the backsplash so it would fit on the vanity.

So then, it was back to Menards to find a tile and grout to 
create the backsplash that we needed for our new counter.

I know this story is long,
and imagine how we are feeling?!
It was supposed to be simple, 
but turned into a DIY project that never ends!

I can't wait to show you more!

Take care,


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh boy, I can only imagine your frustrations with the granite! But in the end, it worked out great without the back splash. Looking forward to seeing it all done!!

The Rusty Thimble said...

Love this, sounds like something we would do, never fails on projects !
Oh it is going to be so wonderful when completed, I can not wait to see it
Have a wonderful week

Kim Orcutt said...

LOL! That's the way projects normal go around this house!! I can't wait to see the end result :)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

It's always amazing how fast things can spiral out of control~I think we've all been there and feel for you ~ it's not an easy task. So far it's looking great though and hopefully everything else will fall into place!
Wishing you much luck!

Kit said...

It is looking great! I feel for you. Tho I love remodels, I hate them...LOL We are in the process of replacing our commode. This time tho we are having it installed. Hubbys back can't take it anymore. :( I hope it goes well. Kit