Thursday, April 30, 2015

This is a "What'cha Workin' On Wednesday" and a "Things in My House Thursday" Combined Post...Our Raised Garden Bed

In our backyard, the area behind our garage has always been a challenge.
Nothing grows there...not even grass.
Hubby has been talking about building a raised garden bed.

We had pinned several ideas on my 
Hubby went right to work... planning, measuring, cutting.
It was first all laid out on the driveway before the final construction.

Next a text from hubby.
"Don't be alarmed when you get home from work."
He had ordered some black dirt and they dumped it in the middle of our driveway...
covering the sidewalk? Really??

And now, two days later, 
after much back-breaking labor,
the dirt pile is reduced.

And we have a raised garden bed in our back yard!

You will have to stop back to see if we plant 
vegetables or flowers!

Take care,

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Kim Orcutt said...

Can;t wait to see what you plant! So nice of them to drop the dirt in such a convenient place ;)