Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Won A GoPro Camera ~Thank you Pam of Sidewalk Shoes ~~And it's a Special Sunday, Indeed

I am your lucky give-away winner of the GoPro Camera
and the ProPlan Cat Food Coupons.

My camera arrrived almost a week ago,..

I needed to wait to get an SD card, 
and then, I was able to take some photos.

Maybe this will be the spark our sedentary cats need 
to get up  and get moving?

(We once had daughters living at home, that were swimmers, dancers, and runners.
Years ago, we would have had some exciting videos to share.)

these empty nesters have had a pretty dull life.
But I do have something special to share...

This is our church.
My hubby was baptized and confirmed here.
So GoPro helped me capture the interior of the church.

Our congregation is taking on a major renovation project.

So this is the last look at the old Zion Lutheran Church...

Stayed tuned to watch the progress on this project...

Take care,

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Pam Greer said...

So glad you are enjoying it! Wake those kitties up so they can be stars! It also might be fun to film you as you work on your crafts.