Friday, May 29, 2015

Where the Week Went ~What'cha Workin' on Wednesday...and Thursday...and Friday...

Typically my Blog Post Title on Friday is "TGIF" or "Finally Friday"
...however, after school is out, that perspective changes.  
The first full week of summer is already gone. 
It flew by.

I went to our storage shed to get my summer clothes.

And I am happy to say that,
while it took most of a morning,
my teacher clothes and boots are boxed up and in storage.

You all know that we made a roadtrip to the farmstead.
Because of the water, it has been several years since we could get to the house.

We brought some items home...
some with sentimental value,
and some that might look good in hubby's garden.

Speaking of Hubby's green thumb...
the rain has been his friend.

Here are his herbs. I've already used the rosemary and thyme.
(scroll down in case you missed my Crash Hot Potato post)

There were just a couple of boxes of holiday items that needed to be taken to the attic.
After all, in the Dakotas we can leave our snowman decor out until Easter.

In case you are wondering what happened to all of those Christmas decorations that you saw in December...they are here in our attic. Yes, all five Christmas trees!

I had some things to take care of at school...
while I was there, I made sure everything was 
off the floor under my desk in my TPC.

With warm temperatures and mild humidity,
it was nice to work with the doors open...

Enjoy the summer sunshine!

Take care,

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