Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Already?...A Teacher's Week Goes So Fast in the Summertime ~Remember, This Summer, It's All About the Wedding

Grandma had another birthday.
We hosted a small family party for her.
Our summer go-to appetizers are these Fruit and Cheese Bites.
They are so easy, and such a surprising burst of flavor combination.
Many of you will remember them from my cooking series last summer.

Since Grandma enjoys a little glass of wine now and then,
that was our gift...with one of hubby's wine bottle necklaces.
I can't believe we hadn't given her one before.
They are our best sellers at our local Arts Festival.

This week, the wedding conversation turned to the cake table...
What should we use for cake stands...
and how many cupcakes fit on a stand?

As you might imagine,
I have all kinds of options here in the house!

Plus, I have many good friends that are offering their help.

Just in case you need to know,
11 cupcakes will fit on a standard size
pedestal cake plate.

So much more to tell,
from Mail Call... the latest DIY Project.

But this post is getting long already.
You must stop back.

My Helper Cat wonders why I don't have time to nap?!

Take care,

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