Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday's Talk ~Let's Catch Up ~~Summer Fun in the Ol' Hometown ~~~Retail World, Seriously?! ~~~~Monday Mail Call

Our Downtown Association is sponsoring a Summer Concert Series.
Gwen Sebastian performed live, on stage downtown, for free.
This is her photo...her drummer took the shot!
Kari and are there in the crowd!

On Friday, after my doctor's appointment, 
I ran some wedding errands.
This upset me a little...

This upset me a lot!

Friday, we were invited out to a dinner party.
There were some nasty storms that moved through our area.
Since they live on a golf course we had an excellent view of the clouds.

Our friends stayed in touch with spouses, siblings 
and adult children who were in the path of this storm.

Thank you , Peggy. You are a lovely hostess.

Best friends since college...

Great friends to this day.

Then, Saturday, we were together again, as our guys played for
Blues, Brews and BBQs.

With a wedding on the horizon,
we are receiving packages 2-3 times per week.

Stay tuned,..
it will all come together.

Take care,

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