Thursday, July 30, 2015

What'cha Workin' On Wednesday & Things in my House Thursday...This Summer, It's All About the Wedding ~Preserving the Family Farmhouse

I have been gathering cake plates, vintage canning jars, 
faux flowers and lace table cloths.

In addition to the Wedding Reception, 
we will host family parties in our home.

We are fortunate that Grandma has 
a large stash of Mason Jars!
This week I ran them through the dishwasher so they now sparkle!

There are packages that arrive here on a daily basis.
I like packages.
I can't show show you what's inside now, 
because some of it is a surprise!

And what's been happening out in hubby's shop?

Remember our visit out to our old farmhouse?
We brought home some of those spindles from that impressive front porch.

They ended up in the woodshop,
just waiting for the perfect project!

Here's a sneak peak...
Can't wait for the finished project!

Take care,

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