Thursday, July 16, 2015

What'cha Workin' On Wednesday AND Thursday ~This Summer, It's All About the Wedding

The early morning is just beautiful...
not too hot yet...just a little humid still.
I enjoy this time of day.

Since the bride and groom are taking care of all of the wedding details,
my mission is to prepare the house for company.
Occasionaly, I have an assignment to go out and gather information.

This week I have been to
Target -twice
WalMart - twice
Hobby Lobby -twice
Kesslers - twice
Salvation Army
Nearly New
Kesslers - twice
Family Dollar

Whoa...sounds like a lot, right? But that was over two days...
Monday and Wednesday.

Plus, you must remember that you can drive anywhere in our small city
in about 8 minutes...
Unless there is a train.

On Tuesday and Thursday, 
I stayed home, cleaning and organizing for the wedding week.

While at the mall I had to "kill" some time, waiting for the bride to call me back.
This is usually not a good thing,
however I found a navy lace dress for $15.
I am sure I can wear it to one of our festivities during wedding week.

I also stopped by our church to scope out 
any possible backdrops for outdoor wedding photos.

And, what has hubby been up to?
He has powerwashed, sanded, and stained his deck.

Here's how it looks with his new grill.
We do love to sit out here in the late evenings.

Can you believe it is already Friday tomorrow?

Take care,

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Kit said...

Wow, that is alot of stores! I bet you must be getting excited! The deck looks great and it looks like a nice place to chill. :) Have a great weekend! Kit