Monday, August 24, 2015

Wedding Week ~The Sweetheart Table ~~A Lovely Reception #hubertpartyof2

The Bride and Groom decided on using a Sweetheart Table.
There were a couple of reasons...but, most importantly, 
it allowed their attendants to be seated 
with their spouses and young families.

It was perfect...
they shared a loveseat.
The ivory rosette table cover was lovely,
and the bride's bouquet was just beautiful as a centerpiece.

After all, how long are the bride and groom actually sitting...
just to eat dinner and listen to the toasts.

After introductions, the groom and bride greeted their guests.
Dinner was served.
Then we heard from the Best Men, Matron of Honor,
Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom.

Late in the evening, I caught the bride there alone...
just taking a little time to gather herself.

I could not resist a moment on that loveseat 
with the lovely bride.

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Jacquie Wheeler said...


Karen Martinsen said...

I love how the bride and groom were alone for all to see - and that they had the good sense to let the attendants be with their sweet of them.
Thanks for sharing the 'whole' process from showers to wedding. All just beautiful and fun.
Now relax!!!