Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wedding Week ~The Photo Backdrop ~~Take a Selfie #hubertpartyof2

Our family and our guests had much fun
with our photo backdrop.

Thank you Pinterest for this great idea.

We collaborated with our good friends.
Their Emily was getting married the 8th,
our Emily was getting married the 15th.

Maybe no one noticed that both of our families used the structure?

Sooo you, Claire, Zach, and Chloe.

After their wedding, we brought it home, 
added another coat of chalkboard paint,

and tested the lights.

Remember, our groom was the Artist in Residence.

Matron of Honor with her sweet hubby.

Here's Mom and Dad with their first born.

Family Friends...

College roommate...

College Friends...

Then, we finally caught up to our groom.

A precious photo with our daughters.

If any of you took photos with our photo booth,
please share them with the bride and groom.

Thank you to all who spent this 
special evening with our family.

Take care,

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Kim Orcutt said...

The photo booth looks like lots of fun!