Sunday, November 1, 2015

Autumn Joys ~Football Snacks ~Fall Wreaths ~Soup in the Crockpot ~Trick or Treaters ~and National Cat Day

We enjoyed the weekend watching our favorite 
college football team
with fresh bread, flavored olive oil and herbs.

This awesome wreath was at Target. 
Lorie and I had admired them for several weeks, 
and now they are on sale!
We each had to have one!!

Who else remembers when McDonalds served their 
Happy Meals in these cute pumpkin buckets?
I still have one with my Halloween decor...
It was perfect to bring treats to school for my students.

Hubby's Jazz Band played in a new venue on Friday.
They were so well received, 
that they are invited back for next weekend.

It was a beautiful night for trick or treating.
This special family rang our doorbell.

With a chill in the air, soup in the crockpot really hits the spot.
Here's my recipe for Chicken Wild Rice.
This would a great recipe to use your 
leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

My seniors in super study...
sharing stories and discussing life lessons.

Did you know it was 
National Cat Day this week?

Isn't every day Cat Day?!

Take care,

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