Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday? Overcoming the "Too Pretty to Use" Syndrome

You all remember that three weeks ago, 
we attended a benefit for our Domestic Abuse Center.

For her first week at home,
she just sat on my dining room table...
Sealed in her Coach plastic baggie.

Was she too pretty to use?
Her leather is as soft as a new baby's skin,
plus she smells like the interior of a new luxurious car.

This problem is genetic.
I inherited it from my mother...she had it bad.
When I helped her move from her townhouse to the assisted living facility,
I discovered a cedar chest full of tissue wrapped gifts that were
"too pretty to use".

So, here she is....
with beautiful purple lining.

Loaded with the bare necessities...

For two weeks now has been
enjoying the good life!

Remember, you are worthy...
You deserve the pretty things that come your way.

Take care,

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