Saturday, May 14, 2016

Finally Friday ~Where the Week Went ~Monday Mouse Patrol and My Fearless Freshmen

I like to arrive at school early...
I can prepare for lab, log into my computer,
and unpack my school bag.
However, the best part is the one-on-one time 
I spend with the Early Bird Students that hang out in my room.

On Monday, we were doing just that, 
when out from the pantry comes a tiny mouse.
Tevin and I were trying to trap the little guy under a trash can,
when Conner came in. They got him!
Can you see his tail?

Soon after, the little mouse's brother emerged from the pantry.
This guy wasn't so lucky. 
That's his head sticking out under the trash can.
He died at the scene.

With Conner sitting on the pink trash can,
and Tevin's foot up the the brown trash can,
I called the office to send the custodians.

Bye Bye, Little Guy.

After everyone settled down, we were able to focus on the day's lesson.
Students presented Power Point Presentations about various fruits and vegetables...
then we enjoyed some fruit tasting.

Until Michelle says, "Mrs. Geffre, there's another mouse!"
He sought refuge under the range in the window kitchen.
(Normally, students are not allowed to sit on the counters, 
but this day was an exception.)

A couple of Freshmen boys pulled the range away from the wall,
and Harrison caught him.  
I sent him out the back door to release him in our Environmental Classroom...

But not before 
he became a part of Kaylie's Snap Chat Story.

Take care,

p.s. Trust me...
we have washed all the dishes, utensils, and counter tops
in our foods lab!

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