Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fruit Pizza ~It Looks Good Enough to Eat ~~Recipe Link

Fruit Pizza is a favorite in my Foods Class.

We spend a week on the Fruits and Vegetables Unit.

Students study Nutritional Value, Selection and Storage Tips,
and they research interesting facts.

Each student prepares and presents a powerpoint 
on the fruit or vegetable of their choice.

The unit concludes with the preparation of Fruit Pizza.

They can exercise their creativity in their arrangement of fruit.

Plus, it's delicious.

Here's the link to my Fruit Pizza recipe.
There are nuts and rolled oats in my crust for texture, 
flavor and some whole grain goodness.

Take care,

p.s. If someone has an allergy to nuts,
just leave them out.  The crust still turns out fine.

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