Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dream Vacation ~Day Eight Comes to a Close ~~Dinner at the Restaurant Eden

The weekend weather in Croatia was near perfect...
sunny, warm, and mild breezes.
This was about as cloudy as it got.

After the threat of rain disappeared,
we went out for dinner.
These steps from the sidewalk down to the beach are a common sight.

Here is another common sight!

It was the last evening of our weekend get-away.
Amy made reservations at the Restaurant Eden.
It was lovely.

Seafood Pasta

Seafood Salad

It appeared that the restaurant was family owned and operated,
with one of the brothers waiting tables,
and another brother tending the bar.

After dinner our waiter treated us to a homemade cordial.
Was it black berry? black cherry??
I do know it was a wonderful ending to a delicious meal.
And he was pretty proud that he had made it himself!

Yes, we had climbed up this stairway to get to the restaurant.
Again, it was much easier going down and back to the resort.

Good night, everyone.
Take care,

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