Monday, July 11, 2016

Dream Vacation ~The Full Story ~~Day Eight: Lunch and Resort Time ~~~Cross an Item Off of Our Bucket List

After a quick ferry ride, we were back in the city.
Next on our agenda, was to find a place to have lunch.

We explored a couple of side streets and found 
the menu that was most appealing.

Remember, when dining here,
it is typical to get a one-bite appetizer...
this pate was a tasty spread for our bread and was
a nice contrast to our refreshing beverage.

 We enjoyed Mussels, 

And Seafood Risotto.

In the plaza, near our restaurant, 
was this statue of Marin Drzic, a Croatian
playwright and poet.
Rubbing the nose of the statue is 
thought to bring good luck.
How could we not?!

Our afternoon routine was established...
relaxing by the pool.

But, not before we went down to the rocky beach

where Amy and Nick had a dip in the icy sea.

After soaking up some sunshine,
Nick returned to the room as he needed to complete some work assignments.
So... Amy and I checked an item off of our bucket list...
Do you see the swim-up bar over to the left?

Amy helped me through the deep end of the pool 
so we could sit on the stools at the Swim Up Bar...a first for both of us!
Thanks for a fun afternoon!

Take care,

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