Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 28th...This Date ~Remembering my Mother ~~More Weekday Highlights ~~~Saturday's Work: A Sadly Worn-out Kitchen

January 28, 2013.
This date will forever stick in my mind. 
That was the morning that our landline phone rang at 6:50 a.m...
it was the director of the Odd Fellows Home.
Mom had fallen and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.
I went to work to wait...and wait...and wait to hear what was next.

Our last visit with her had been in December,
to celebrate Christmas.
I was showing her photos on my computer 
and then took this one of us together.

The staff took such good care of her there.
We said our goodbyes,
she was seated for their evening meal,
and then hubby and I left for our four-hour journey home.
Why didn't anyone tell me that this is the last time 
I would see her in this place?

The next 10 days were a roller coaster of emotional decisions.
It comforts me to know that mom is now peaceful,
and no longer suffers from the struggles of her daily life.

Back to the here and now...
Remember, it was Officer Carlson Omelet week.
We have been teaching this activity together for 12+ years.
And this year, it was our last.

I will treasure these memories.
He so patiently works with each and every student
to assure they master the process.

This term, his Sergeant stopped by.
He had a chance to see Officer Carlson interacting with the students.

Besides learning how to make omelets,
the students learn that police officers are people, too!

One of my FACS co-teachers was sharing my classroom on Friday.
The Real Care Baby Daycare was in my room.

Everytime I walked by, the babies just made me smile.
My freshmen girls decided that this baby's eyebrows are "on fleek".
And I was holding another baby,
one of my sophomore boys said,
"Mrs. G., You know that baby isn't real, don't you?!"

Yes, there are many things I will miss about my job!

My mother would always call on the weekend.
She would say, "I suppose you are doing
Saturday's Work".

Our next project is in the kitchen.
The rangehood will be replaced.
While the light works, the fan does not.
The microwave has been shooting sparks since the holidays.
And one of our burners on the range does not heat up.

I will post photos of our progress!

Today, my Mother-in-law treated us to lunch after church.
And my "To Go" box will provide lunch at work tomorrow.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Take care,


Farmhouse prims said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I know your pain. I lost my dear mom in Oct. They say it gets better in time, but for me it is getting worse. Bunches of hugs and prayers for your peace and comfort. Lecia

Kit said...

Such a sad time. I'm sorry for your sadness. Thinking about you. Kit

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh how I remember your posts about your sweet Mother. Bless her soul....she's singing with the angels now and not a worry in the world! ;) I love the interaction between the officer(s) and the students. Yes, they are people too and deserve our respect.
Have a great day. Stay warm!!!