Thursday, May 25, 2017

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday ~Bringing Closure to a Career

With students no longer in the building,
I can focus on cleaning up and cleaning out.

Months ago, I began the task of throwing away
lesson plans, curriculum materials, and student projects.

This is actually harder than it sounds.
Years of developing, and then,
updating and revising these class activities went into the dumpster.

Sometimes I felt like I was throwing part of myself away.

So, cleaning the appliances was the easy part.
Three refrigerators and an upright freezer...

Demonstration cooktop and microwave...

(A student helped inventory my textbooks.
Thank you, Connor.)

That left the seven student Food Preparation stations.
The students cleaned their labs on the last day of school.
Those of you that live with a teenager,
 know that some are better than others at cleaning.

 inappropriate and disrespecful behaviors of three young men,
changed my focus from what I wanted to accomplish,
to working with administration to investigate and deliver consequences.

In my dreams, I had wanted to walk out the last day with everything in place.
However, by Thursday afternoon, I knew that I had to give up on that plan.

Thank goodness for self-cleaning ovens.

With multiple ovens cleaning, I started the vents, 
and used the two-hour opportunity to clean out my network files.

I wasn't the only one hard at work!

Today, I will return to wipe out those ovens.
And by the weekend, I hope to be enjoying the sunshine
with my new retirement cat.

Take care,

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