Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cleaning up a Career ~Finishing a Job I Started ~~Oven Cleaning Tip of the Day

Whether you are cleaning one oven at home, 
or multiple ovens in a foods is not an easy task. 
You need to be down on your knees, 
reach way in, over the oven door 
to wipe out all of the black and gray ashes.
It just doesn't feel like you have enough hands!

To make it a little easier,
use a measuring cup or coffee mug to prop up
the lower heating coil when you wipe out the oven floor.

That was the easy part.
The inside of the oven doors presented a bigger challenge.
That brown stuff was baked on...really baked on.

I used the cooktop cleaner...
and a super strong scratch pad to tackle that job.

Thank you to the students 
that left this carton of ice cream in my freezer.

I couldn't have finished the job without it!

Six ovens...done.
Time to go home.
(My hands felt raw.)

I was ready to enjoy some sunshine out on our patio.

Happy Weekend, everyone.

Take care,

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DUTA said...

Why haven't the students done the cleaning? or someone paid by the school for the cleaning job; after all it's not your private lab.