Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Celebrating Flag Day ~Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Grandma ~~Happy Birthday To My Blog ~~~A Blog Give Away

Flag Day
A day to commemorate the adoption of our United States flag.
Our community, like those all across the United States,
was proudly flying our Stars and Stripes.

It was easy to remember my Grandma's birthday.
She was proud to share her birthday with Flag Day.
If you have ever scrolled to the bottom of my blog 
you have seen this photo of Grandma and her sisters.

I recently came across this photo.
Grandma Hilda is on the right,
She would be 124 years old.

My blog has a birthday today, too.
My first post was 9 years ago.

And, like blog tradition, to celebrate,
I will prepare a birthday package.

Anyone who leaves a comment on this post,
between now and my birthday on June 23,
will be entered into the drawing.

Take care,


Busy Bee Suz said...

Congratulations on your blog-aversary. (Mine is coming up in August....we started nearly the same time!) Happy heavenly birthday to your Grandma; what I wouldn't give for a day with mine again too. So much wisdom in those ladies that lived in such a different era than you and I.
I hope you have some plans for something special to celebrate your upcoming birthday. Have a great weekend!

Moneik Stephens said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! I've been blogging for 12 years. My grandma Elaine's birthday was also on Flag Day. She would have been 85 years old.